Thursday, September 14, 2006

Survivor Premiere Tonight

I have a habit of masochistically subjecting myself to shows that I know from inception will piss me off, and of course, this season of Survivor is no exception. It's my intention to live-blog tonight's premiere, and to use that as a determinant of whether or not to continue live-blogging for the rest of the season. Please tune in if you're also subjecting yourself to the same horrors: I will be live-blogging at 7pm PST or 10pm EDT. If you're in my timezone, you can keep the show on (7pm, CBS) and refresh this index page to watch as my comments roll in. For East Coasters, you get Survivor two hours earlier; it will be coming on at 8pm, CBS so you'll get to find out what happens long before we get to see the show. Before the show starts, consider these choice quotes by Jeff Probst (from this morning's AP article):

Later, when a number of players have been voted off, the thinned-out ranks will be consolidated and integrated. Then, Probst explained, the issue becomes whether to stay loyal to members of your own ethnic group, "because you've already made bonds based simply on skin color. "Or, more likely, will you look to make alliances with people who ... will help you to the end, so you can win?"
Yes, because an alliance in this season's tribe is different than all others we've seen previously because this time, contestants will make bonds based on race, and not because they've been pre-sorted into race-based tribes and don't have the option to make non-race-based alliances.


Anonymous Mac said...

I think by the 4th episode the race aspect will be gone. At least in terms of them still being seperated.

But Jenn what I don't get is why do you keep watching these shows you know from the get go you're going to hate? LOL!! You did that with Black & White also. I will be watching, but not because of the race factor. I've watched Survivor every season since 1.

9/14/2006 09:15:00 PM  
Anonymous philly jay said...

Come on, you know you like to be tortured by bad tv jen :)

9/14/2006 10:02:00 PM  

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