Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lt. Watada Charged

This morning, Lt. Watada was formally charged with missing his troop movements, speaking contemptuously of the president and conduct unbecoming of an officer. He faces up to seven years in prison.

The Army on Wednesday charged 1st Lt. Ehren Watada with three separate violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice: Missing troop movements to Iraq, Article 87. Two instances of allegedly speaking contemptuous words against the president, Article 88, including June 7 statements that "... this administration was just continually violating the law to serve their purpose, and there was nothing to stop them. Realizing the president is taking us into war that he misled us ... has broken the bond of trust that we had. If the president can betray my trust, it's time for me to evaluate what he's telling me to do." Three instances of allegedly engaging in conduct unbecoming an officer that brought dishonor to the armed forces, Article 133. These charges relate in part to comments that his participation in the war in Iraq would "make him party to war crimes"; that he became ashamed of wearing the uniform as he read about the level of deception used to initiate the war; that he was "shocked and at the same time ashamed" that President Bush had planned to invade Iraq before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.
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