Monday, July 03, 2006

Cerebrogenesis (2)

  • The 1st Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans is up over at Written World, and talk about setting the bar high! If all the issues are this great, then this is shaping up to be a Carnival to follow closely! Of course, I'm biased, my post, Egg Fu and the Great Ten, was graciously linked.
  • ColoredGurl's Tint Magazine is an online magazine devoted to celebrating the voices of women, in general, and women of colour, in particular. They have started a new feature on their main page called SistersSpeak, a syndication of women of colour bloggers (including reappropriate). I'm glad more women of colour are finding our voices -- it's important that we continue to fight to be heard.
  • Warrior Women, a spotlight on two powerful Asian American women: pro boxer Dee Hamaguchi and star of Disney's Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior, Brenda Song. I was able to catch the tail half of Wendy Wu, and was going to write a post on it, but I didn't have enough to fill an entire post (plus, I did only see the last half). Sufficed to say that while I really enjoyed the Asian American woman kicking butt aspects of the movie, and while I think Shin Koyamada is hunky under any circumstance, I was little uncomfortable with the casting of Japanese Koyamada as a Chinese monk and with the general campy Chinese-ness of the whole movie. What I most appreciated (although the article above least liked) was the inclusion of Wendy's parents' conflict with their Chinese heritage; it was nice to watch how Americanization, assimilation, and urbanization can lead Asian Americans to reject a vital part of their identity behind. Clumsy though the dialogue was, the scene that most resonated with me was the one in which Wendy's father considers how much he has lost by running from the Chinese part of him.
  • Perpetuating the Yellow Peril, an article that asks the question -- why are so many Asian American actors portraying stereotypes in Hollywood?
  • If..., in which Ji-in over at Twice the Rice articulates some adoptee rage and is bombarded by some self-righetous, condescending White adoptive mommies who tell her that she should be grateful for having been saved. As if.
  • Racism casts a cloud over World Cup 2006. I've been following the World Cup this year (a first-time watcher) and am totally dismayed (though not surprised) to read about the unflinching racism that pervades the World Cup. While I think starting campaigns to raise awareness of racism is always good, I wonder this: why can't stadium security just throw out every fan who shouts a racist slur? Yes, empty out an entire section if you have to. Why fine players for what their fans do? It's not like the teams can control that.
  • And finally, something to lighten the mood: My Killing Cats. I'm sure electroman can relate; a day doesn't go by when he's not bitchin' about Persephone.


Anonymous philly jay said...

The design of Tint Magazine looks interesting, however the politics are a bit too left of field for me.

7/03/2006 12:12:00 PM  
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