Sunday, June 11, 2006

Wen Ho Lee Settlement

I missed blogging about this last week, but Wen Ho Lee, the nuclear scientist who was fired from Los Alamos National Laboratory because he was under investigation for espionage, settled with the government and the Associated Press for a sum of roughly $1.6 million dollars. Wen Ho Lee lost his job after the investigation was disclosed by the media. Lee spent 9 months in jail before finally pleading guilty to mishandling computer files, although he was never found charged with or found guilty of being a spy. The government settled but admitted no wrong-doing, and the AP settled to protect its journalists from having to reveal its sources. I'm happy that Lee has settled -- he was horribly mistreated by the government and his case has been pointed to as a clear example of the prejudice Chinese American scientists face, always having their nationalism questioned over the patriotism of their White colleagues. That being said, journalists should not have to be forced to reveal their sources; at the same time, we must be protected from when journalists abuse this privilege and release poorly researched, even patently false stories that serve only to smear their targets. Update (6/12): Helen Zia weighs in on Wen Ho Lee settlement. Zia is a little one-sided in her argument; we can't ignore the importance of being able to protect sources in the media. Still, Zia brings up some compelling evidence of how, in this case, the media abused their trust. Courtesy Angry Asian Man.


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