Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Less Money for Iraq, More for the Border

So, the Senate voted today to take money from Bush's War and give it to the Border Patrol. I've got to say that this strikes me as a token effort, and one that doesn't really solve either problem. We're still digging ourselves deeper and deeper into debt, and will that money really do much to strengthen border security as intended? From what I understand, adding a few extra men to the Mexico-Southern U.S. border won't help matters at all. If we're really going to appropriate more money from taxpayers of the future, I do prefer that it goes to helping this country rather than one abroad, but I would much prefer that that money be spent on any number of more productive endeavours. Even increasing port security to improve checking of mail items and cargo would be more favourable to adding an extra security guard or twenty to drive around the desert. Again, distraction ploys. I'm so ready for Election 2008.


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