Friday, March 31, 2006

Jin the Emcee is back

I got the following in an email, prompting me to wonder how exactly I got on these people's listserve in the first place. Has this blog really gained enough notoriety, or have I merely been indexed by enough search engines? Anyways, it seems that Jin the Emcee will be hosting a webcam-based freestyle-battle starting May 1st. Interested parties should check out the LiveDigital website.

JIN THE EMCEE TO HOST WEBCAM RAP BATTLE Get ready to enter into the next level of online freestyle battling! Starting March 1, legendary battle rapper Jin the Emcee (106 & Park Hall of Fame & 2-Time FightKlub World Champion) will begin hosting the first ever webcam rap battle, entitled “Spitcam”, exclusively on Over the last few years, more and more emcees have begun battling for supremacy via cyberspace. Two emcees would first each record an audio clip of themselves lyrically destroying their opponent, and people would then vote to decide which emcee they believe deserves the victory. Now Spitcam is taking it to a whole new level by introducing the first ever “web-cam freestyle battle.” Hosted on the new media website,, contestants will battle to win the favors of the LiveDigital community. They will be able to promote themselves using the site’s powerful digital broadcasting tools, allowing worldwide participation in the contest. LiveDigital will award $1000 every month to the winner of the tournament. LiveDigital will begin holding open calls starting April 1, and the first tournament begins May 1. Interested contestants should check out the Spitcam profile at for more information. Spitcam is organized collectively by Crafty Plugz, Catch Music Group &


Blogger phillyjay said...

Jin is a pretty good when it comes to freestyle/battle rapping.He can hold his own.I'll check this battle out.But beyond that, he really isn't that good which is a shame.Hopefully he will improve.

3/31/2006 11:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Emmanuel Mwangi said...

Did you check out that single on the page? Apparently, for those that don't know Live Digital is a knock-off and this is a promotion.

Favorite Verse:
"when I'm done I'm gonna do Kanye [West] numbers./On that note, Bush hates Chinese people too."

Overall, he drops too many other rappers' names. He doesn't do well to stand on his own two feet. He's never had much to say and the things that has had to say about Chinese American rap is little more than "Look, we can do it too!". It's never played well with rap fans and I think unless he has something more to say, his new music won't do better than his old.

4/03/2006 06:03:00 AM  

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