Monday, February 06, 2006

The Monologues: The Final Skit Count

I've had two individual rehearsals with the Director and my main monologue is more or less ready. I still have a couple of things to work on: the blocking (I stand planted for most of the monologue which feels completely unnatural to me), the emotions (still experimenting with one or two of the words) and the pacing (slow down/speed up for the final part). I also have bit roles in a few of the other monologues:

  • The one with the names of the vaginas (sorry, my copy doesn't include the names of all the monologues, so some are just descriptive)
  • Two Words
  • I Was 12. My Mother Slapped Me.
  • Smell (I assume... not fully cast though)
  • The introduction to Reclaiming Cunt

I've also finished designing my costume. This year (as with most years), the actors will be wearing all black, rummaged out of our closets. I will wear black pants (with slits up the back to my knees), a plain black sleeveless shirt, a red and black scarf-type material as a sash/belt, a jade necklace with red string, and a red ribbon in my hair to keep it out of my face.

So, that's my update. I'm coming up on the Monologues Week of Hell. From now until closing night, I have five hour rehearsal (or show) basically every night except the weekends and Valentine's Day night (because, y'know, who wants to be rehearsing when we could be chillaxing with our significant others?)

On an unrelated note, merchandise has come in. We're selling the standard chocolate vaginas (white, milk, and caramel creme latte) as well as temporary tattoos. Here's a sample image:

Cool, huh? Obviously, the giant yellow "SAMPLE" is not part of the tattoo -- that's to protect our image from being taken by others who want to make their own tattoo without designing their own graphic.

These tattoos look really awesome, I have to say. I'm wearing one right now on the back of my right shoulder, and it looks great (wishing I had a digi cam right now). So, just to put it out there, if you want to buy some from our Monologues group, I'm willing to mail you some for $1 a piece + $0.37 shipping and handling. Just email me at with your order and information.

Am I actually expecting that anyone will buy these from me? Probably not, but hey, any extra money I can raise for the Oasis center (a center for raped or battered women) or the Comfort Women is worth a shot like this.


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