Tuesday, February 21, 2006

KKK Hate

Terrorism is not about brown men in turbans, terrorism is universal. To see how close to home the hatred that fuels terrorism goes, we need only look as far as the KKK. CNN correspondant Alina Cho blogged on the new 360 Blog about her experiences interviewing a top KKK member. At one point during the interview, the KKK member told Cho to leave the country. But what really galls me is not that the KKK-er would say such a thing; after all, he is an unabashed member of a hategroup established purely to hate racial minorities. Rather, what is frustrating is the sheer stupidity of those who left their comments on the post. Some commenters argued that White people in America never learn their own racial history (i.e., "Where's the White people's 'special month'??"), morons who say "Why was it so hard to report objectively? Your morality got in the way of reporting a story?", those who advocate the end of seeing race as an end to racism ("if only we could all be God's little children, even all the little n*ggers"), some who want fair treatment by talking about the NAACP in the same light as the KKK (because, somehow it makes it better if the black people hate too) , and of course, the countless Whites falling into the White guilt trap by oohing and aahing over how sad it is that racism exists, meanwhile sipping lattes in their ivory-White gated communities borne of White flight fears of ethnic diversity. Ultimately, the KKK exists and there is something beneficial about reporting about them. But what depresses me is how far we still have to go to dealing with the racism of America -- there wasn't a single comment in that post that didn't turn my stomach. The problem is that it really is all about education: educated thought and debate rather than one close-minded, cliched comment after another by a bunch of people who are privileged enough to be perusing the CNN blog site rather than dealing with the real racism the KKK spout.


Anonymous sheldiz said...

i read the 360 blog yesterday and was actually hoping someone would post about it. i agree with much of what you're saying Jenn, but I have a question for you. What is the appropriate response by white people to racism? Because it seems lately with this blog and others that we're "damned if we do and damned if we don't". Either we're not accepting that racism exists -- which is bad. Or we're accepting it and agreeing that it sucks -- which is also bad? i don't get it. i'm honestly not trying to start shit here, i'm just trying to understand. do you feel that those that are not a direct victim of racism have no place in discussing it? i'm very interested to read your and others' responses to this. i've been trying for a while to find a way to ask this without sounding completely offensive, but i have a feeling i failed...

2/22/2006 10:27:00 AM  
Anonymous sheldiz said...

okay, so i just spend a little time re-reading the post and re-reading the 360 and i had a minor epiphany... i started realizing the issue at heart and came up with an analogy that helped me understand, to an extent, some of your concern with the white reaction to this and other racism issues. i drew an analogy (and its a loose one, and on a much different scale, i realize) -- that its like when i'm sitting around in my comfy home, watching TV, eating pizza and i see one of those "help the starving children" type of infomercials. of course i sit there and i think "that's terrible!!"... and then help myself to another slice of pizza and go about my life.

i know its not the same at all, but i think i was missing the idea that all the people (myself included at times) make these statements about how terrible racism is without really understanding it or doing anything about it b/c it doesn't directly affect their (my) immediate life.

i'm rambling and a bit incoherent, i think... but i realized that i was missing a crucial piece of the situation.

...and i think i just had a discussion with myself on your blog, jenn. my bad!

2/22/2006 03:04:00 PM  
Anonymous vegankid said...

this isn't what i was originally intending to write, but i felt i had to say something. I have to admit, sheldiz, that while i was reading your first comment i thought to myself "oh god, i hope jenn doesn't respond to this". Not because it was "completely offensive" necessarily, but because i'm really pretty sick of White folks asking people of color the "well what can i do to make you happy" question.

I'm the firs to admit that its difficult for White folks to talk about race and racism. After all, the dominant cultural teaching is that race is something other people have and racism is just for the Klan. And dealing with race and racism is just for those that suffer. Ok. I'm taking a breath.

i think its great you want to educate yourself. But i'd suggest doing just that, educate yourself. Or get some other White folks in your community to talk about Whiteness and racism. I'd suggest Paul Kivel's Uprooting Racism as a primer for the group. Its easy to follow, quick to read, and i believe that Paul still offers HUGE group discounts if you buy them directly through him. Its not up for people of color to attend to the indentity crises of White folks. Its time that allies understand that folks of color got their own shit to deal with.

I'm thankful for your second post. I think you are starting to get it when you recognize that what it takes is action. And i can promise you this, its a long tough road you are about to journey down. But the fruit along the way is fucking amazing. But just remember, the work is not found in a single action against the Klan. Racism is institutional. And, if i may be a bit controversial without fully explaining myself, all White people are racist. This is not an attack. But when you are socialized in a culture that IS racist, then i'm sorry, but you're gonna pick up on those racist teachings. But Paul Kivel can tell you more about that.

But that brings me to what i was intending to write...
The scary thing, reappropriate, is that the Klan has no real power any more. Its so easy to spend energy organizing against them (and i am not against this), but its just enfuriating to know that the real problem is the one that the media chooses not to look at (because it would mean looking inward), the one that most White people can't see (because it looks so innocently at them in the mirror), and that is so pervasive and manipulative that it will sentance a two-year-old to life without parole without anyone even noticing.

Its sad that we still have to spend so much time educating those without power when those with power continue to dangle nooses from trees.

2/22/2006 10:36:00 PM  
Blogger phillyjay said...

"What is the appropriate response by white people to racism? Because it seems lately with this blog and others that we're "damned if we do and damned if we don't".i'm very interested to read your and others' responses to this."

1)Talk about it.While NOT being defensive, and without jumping to conclusions.Get out of your comfort zone.That goes for all people especially when it comes to minority vs minority like: gays vs straights, blacks vs asians etc, etc.

2)Don't bitch about stuff that isn't really worth bitching about.Like claiming Essence or Jet magazine or the asian american club in school is racist, and causes further divide.Or that white people don't learn about their history.I mean come on?I learned more about white people and their accomplishments then any OTHER group.And I've lived in a majority black area all my life.(Seriously, I remember a white woman trying to tell me, with a straight face, that Essense was racist because the focus is on black women and features majority black people...LOL!)

With minority groups, obviously not everything is racist or race base.So sometimes you have these race hustler types that bring it up when it's not needed at all.So some white people take that experience and label any minority who talks about race as big whiney complainers, and only want to hear about the other side.
Does that help at all sheldiz?

2/22/2006 11:13:00 PM  
Blogger James said...

"What is the appropriate response by white people to racism?" - Sheldiz

Sigh. No minorities of any kind can answer this question without demeaning themselves. Sorry. My apologies to those who answered this question; this is not an attack (I actually enjoyed the previous responses), but I strongly disagree with the idea that a White person can ask the "What can I do?" question to any racial minority without unfairly transforming that minority into a race polemicist and diversity teacher. Sheldiz, the simple fact that you've posed such a false dichotomy suggests a desire to avoid critical thinking about race difference rather than a pursuit of racial understanding, something only you can provide yourself after conscious reflection. (Again, not an attack, merely an observation.) When White people, in the most general terms possible, continue to search for the right combination of anti-racist dogma and minority-supporting public policy proscriptions to 'end racism', to eliminate in definite and lasting terms the specter of racism from their thoughts and actions in the eyes of Minority America on the individual and institutional levels, they forget that an end to racism under those criteria will never happen. Too many beneficiaries exist on all sides.

The comments left on the 360 blog were typical. I found nothing in those perspectives that was unorthodox or shocking. The idea that some Whites consider the NAACP, a political group responsible for school desegregation, equal voting rights, an end to housing discrimination, and a host of other enforced civil rights synonymous with the Ku Klux Klan, America's oldest domestic terrorist organization, is neither new nor some minority report held by the most reactionary Whites. There is no surprise there. Mainstream White America always responds to racial and ethnic political and legal solidarity and organization with vitriol and suspicion, and rarely releases those prejudices. If anything Alina Cho should be thankful the Klansman wasn't more profane in his order for her departure. Minorities can not pretend in 2006 to be surprised that such opinions exist; because they exist, the only logical attitude for the professional American minority is to assume that most, if not all Whites they will interact with possess the full complement of anti-minority American prejudice to some undefined degree. The racial minority must perform, as employee and citizen, to the best of her physical and intellectual ability, regardless of the racism her fellow man believes. As a Black man it is not logical nor safe to assume that any White person I come into contact with is inherently non-racist. I can't assume that about anyone.

2/23/2006 02:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8/15/2006 09:02:00 PM  

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