Thursday, January 05, 2006

Javascript-Powered Blogroll

I power Blogger, and while I love the ease of Blogger publishing, my favourite part of Blogger is the way Blogger uses Blogger tags to allow for simple template writing and implementation. I designed and coded the layout for reappropriate and had virtually no problems putting it online. Unfortunately, the downside with Blogger is not having access to certain key customizations. I've always wanted to keep a dynamic blogroll, but Blogger's link function is basically non-existent without knowing HTML and fiddling with the Blogger template. My blogroll was part of my blog's template, which meant that everytime I wanted to make a change to my links, I had to republish my whole site. Free Blogrolling services I've found to be pretty unappealing -- they don't allow enough customization and usually include ugly ads. The free version are also very limited; sometimes they only allow one category. So, today, I struck upon the brilliant idea of writing a javascript-powered blogroll, for those of us who host blogs on our own servers but either can't support PHP or SSI, or don't know how to use them. I've implemented the blogroll onto reappropriate, and there shouldn't be any noticeable difference, but for me, it's much easier to maintain. I can change one .js file in Notepad and FTP the file onto my web server, and the changes are automatically propagated throughout the blog. Plus, now I don't have to manually put my links into alphabetical order! Given how much time I put into writing this piece of code (yes, I know it's easy enough coding, but I commented the living crap outta it), and how easy it is to install, I decided to make it publicly available to anyone else silly enough to be in my position. In three easy steps, you too can have a Javascript-powered Blogroll. Download Javascript-Powered Blogroll v.1.0 If you have any questions regarding this code, please email me.