Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Stupid Thing My Cat Did

Last night, in the midst of attempting to edit a paper for my Taiwanese cousin (she's studying abroad in Chicago, and is applying to grad school, and her English, while quite good, still lacks in some of the finer points of grammar), I watched as my cat, Persephone, leaped onto the computer desk. She eyed the blue binder containing my notes for class. Something about my books, notes and pieces of paper look to her like bedding. For example, if I'm lying on the floor with my notes spread out in front of me, she chooses the exact square foot of space upon which my papers rest to lie down. It makes studying quite difficult, since oftentimes, I have to slide her off the textbook I'm reading just to turn the page. At which point, she gives me a dirty look. Anyways, Persephone decided, last night, that my binder would be exceedingly comfortable to cat nap on. Note, at this moment that it is a binder, in other words, a slanted surface. She padded over to it, nosed it briefly, and proceeded to lie down on it with her feet facing the slanted upwards part (all while I watched, since I was sitting at the desk, editing the aforementioned paper). Of course, it being a slanted surface, Persephone immediately fell backwards. She rolled such that her feet were in the air. She flailed as she scrambled to get up, and, in so doing, she knocked over a glass of water that I had idiotically left next to the monitor. Water spilled all over the desk, and, in particular, all over the keyboard. The keyboard fritzed out and stopped working. Two hours later, as I sat at the desk, the mangled inner workings of my keyboard in hand, I realized, it could not be fixed. My cat, wrecker of all things in my apartment, has wreaked the most expensive bit of damage to date. We had an argument last night over what she had done. I ranted and raved, shaking my finger at her. I refused to speak to her. She kept mewling her apologies and looking up at me with these big, wide, apologetic eyes. She spent a good deal of last night sitting in a corner, staying out of my way as I tried to clean up her mess. Finally, as I tucked myself into bed, she crept up next to me, licked my fingers, and fell asleep tucked up next to my stomach. I can't stay mad at anyone this cute. Oh, god, it's like we're married.


Anonymous z said...

oh, cats. they're so cute and sweet and then they have to go and wreck things. :)

11/16/2005 10:25:00 PM  

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