Sunday, October 23, 2005


Last night, I took a break from the Tucson crew and went to see a movie. At the theatre. Yes, I broke from the herd and actually shelled out $9 to see a film. And, believe it or not, it was good. Stay raked in a mere $2.15 million this weekend, a distant fourth after the weekend's leading box office earner, Doom (which also did very poorly). But, unlike Doom, stay was actually remarkably decent. The film has been advertised as an Ewan McGregor film, co-starring Ryan Gosling (remember him? He's the heart-throb that achieved idol-try at the same time as J.T.T.). But actually, Gosling carries most of the film, and actually succeeds in keeping up with McGregor, who is himself no slouch in acting talent. Gosling displays remarkable comfort in his role as Henry Letham, a suicidal art student (at Columbia University?) who becomes one of Dr. Sam Foster's clients. However, things turn bizarre when Letham not only proclaims that he plans on killing himself on Saturday at midnight, but that he seems capable of predicting the future, as well as being ensconced in other seemingly delusional beliefs. I really shouldn't say much more since this is one of those twist ending films that are best left twisted, but if you happen to have an extra $9 in your piggy bank, this trippy little movie is worth seeing (if only to support B.D. Wong, who plays a minor role in the film). Certainly much more than the movie about the hell beasties being slaughtered by chainsaws.


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