Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blog Round-up

Haven't been blogging lately because of a bad cold, made worse by the adorable little kitty who refuses to let me get a decent night's rest. Between the hacking up of a lung and a half ever three minutes and the incessent mewling of the cat who has been locked out of the bedroom in retribution for a midnight awakening with a hindpaw to the nose, I haven't been getting much rest lately. Thankfully, the sore throat has more or less subsided, the coughing has gone from mind-numbingly painful to only vaguely debilitating, and I've discovered that one should not get very little sleep, forget one's cough drops at home, and sit in the first row of class during lectures on action potentials. The past two classes have been spent wavering between fits of loud coughing that the professor, bless his heart, does his best to ignore and plough through, and that lecture-time sleep -- you know the one, where your eyelids droop but your pen is held steady and you let your hair fall over your face so it looks like you're really intent on writing notes, but really your pen has slid down the page and what you were sure you had written down was what you dreamt you had written down, and when you wake up with an equally subtle start two minutes later, you've got some gibberish involving neurons, axons, and leprechauns on the page. So, with the cold and other assorted week from hell BS, obviously, blogging has been the last thing on my mind. Thankfully, the week is over and I can say some things that've been on my mind:

  • Roberts? Roberts? Wherefore art thou, Roberts? Is it too much to ask that a man that will most likely be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for the rest of my life answer a question or two on where he stands on key issues that will affect my life? Not that he should bias himself towards future cases, but is it too much to ask whether he considers abortion, right to privacy, or even the pledge of allegiance to be constitutional? With all his question-dodging, I'm not sure if Bush has nominated a living breathing man for Chief Justice, or Blue, the IBM supercomputer.
  • I'm unnaturally excited about the upcoming fall premieres for Survivor, the Amazing Race, the Apprentice (both Trump and Doiley-covered Demonspawn) and the West Wing. And don't get me started on the premiere for season 2 of Lost.
  • I'm glad that there is at least one worthwhile judge still in the U.S. of A: a judge has ruled that forcing children to say the pledge of allegiance violates the freedom of religion.


Blogger jose said...

To be fair, the meat of the matter was never really decided, at least by the Supreme Court, since Newdow was ruled to not have standing in the original suit. I am, of course, happy with the decision, and it will be interesting what happens by the time it bubbles up to the Supreme Court when Roberts, and possibly Bush's second pick, are sitting.

Hope you fully recover quickly!

9/14/2005 10:04:00 PM  
Blogger solitaire said...

I hope you're feeling better!

I LOVE THE APPRENTICE! I'm an Apprentice junkie (started with the second season).

I've joked about Trump doing "Blacks vs. Whites" and apparently the fool was thinking of doing it. LMAO!!

I've heard about Lost. Never watched it but a sisterfriend of mine will let me borrow her first season on DVD.

9/18/2005 04:01:00 AM  

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