Monday, August 01, 2005

The Bolton Appointment

I'm fairly sure that Bolton is the devil. I have this running theory that John Bolton is the devil incarnate, and as recompense for his soul, Bush is now being forced to place Lucifer in the most damaging position possible, in order to expediate the handbasket-ing of America to Hell. As if the US of A needed help getting there. Think I'm kidding? Just look at this man; is there any other explanation for that inhumanly coloured moustache? This is a man who throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way, thinks the UN is meaningless, and has a background sketchier than Supreme Court nominee Roberts' position on just about anything. And, this whole lying on a questionnaire thing -- isn't that as perjurious as that whole Lewinsky thing? Either way, the question isn't whether or not Bolton is a good nominee (we all know he isn't), it's why Bush is pushing so hard for him. Maybe it was this or Bush's first-born child. Well, after the Democrats filibustered Bolton into what we all hoped was oblivion, Bolton proved his supernatural heritage by surviving to accept a recess appointment anyways. Which all brings us back to why Bush is so desperate to get this man into this position in the first place. There are countless other, actually human, people that could fill this position -- is Bush so obstinant that he's so unwilling to compromise when the Democrats express a meaningful and justified objection to one of his nominees? We saw similar behaviour when it came to the judicial nominees a few months back, it seems that in every case where Bush doesn't get his way, he just keeps reappointing and reappointing, either hoping his stamina will outlast the opposition's, or simply circumvent the traditional, democratic avenues any ways. The Republicans have been quick to accuse the Democrats of denying him an up-or-down vote. Well, isn't Bush basically doing the same only in this case, he's completely disregarding any pretense at democracy or debate? Throughout his one and a half terms in office, Bush has shown no respect for minorities of any kind, and I guess that now includes ideological as well as racial, sexual and economic minorities.


Anonymous Kaede said...

Just goes to show that democracy is indeed dead in America......

8/02/2005 12:11:00 AM  
Blogger nykol said...

I was listening to NPR earlier and the odd thing is - the Democrats were expecting this anyway. Bush is indeed legally allowed to appoint Bolton - unbelievable. Bolton is a Cheney favorite - which makes this appointment even scarier.

8/02/2005 01:30:00 PM  
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