Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Racist Albany, part 3

I don't claim any responsibility for this, but The Sports Authority, one of the targetted advertisers of WRCZ 94.5 has confirmed it did not advertise on the show last quarter, and may plan on adding WRCZ 94.5 to their no-buy list. They have pulled their banner ads from the WRCZ 94.5 website. I'm worried that the campaign is losing momentum. (edit: There has been some more SLAPP issues, just a warning, so be careful, if you're still planning on sending a letter to Galaxy Communications, don't send so many as to end up harassing anyone). Today, I had lunch with a former Asian Pacific Americans for Action president, the girl who took over after me. We discussed Cornell, the group, and where to go from here as alumni of the organization. Since she has much better contacts with the current batch of APAA leadership, I asked her to try to motivate the current APAAers into taking action. She seemed very interested in helping out this campaign and agreed to notify her contacts in Cornell's Black Students United, NAACP, and the Latino students group (the name of the group has slipped my mind). Hopefully something good will come of this. Relevant Posts: Racist Albany, Racist Albany, part 2 Update (7/21): This series of posts is mentioned on Feministe. Thank you!


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