Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Flying While Brown

The paranoia of brown people hasn't gone away, nearly four years after 9/11. If anything, we've become even more restrictive of what we're allowing people of a darker hue to do. This morning, a flight from LAX to London was diverted to Boston because three Pakistani passengers were behaving suspiciously. Well, what were they doing? Surely, they had quickly assembled porcelain guns, or maybe a 3"-knife in the on-board lavatory and were about to rush the cockpit. Surely, they had smuggled explosives onto the airplane with their shoes and were desperately seeking a match. Surely, they were wearing bulky trenchcoats with wires sticking out of their pockets. Actually, it was none of the above. Their crime? The three Pakistani men were taken into custody for "moving about the cabin" during the flight. Heaven forbid the brown men stretch their legs or take a piss during a fourteen-hour flight.


Anonymous Richard Johnson said...

because Arabs can't be trusted.

8/16/2005 09:22:00 AM  

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