Friday, July 01, 2005

1000 Women

The culmination of three years worth of work, a group in Oslo has accumulated the names of 1000 women from 150 different countries to submit in a joint nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. Their names were submitted in January 2005, but information about the project as well as the list of all 1000 incredible women can be found at the website: 1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005. Women are rarely recognized for their contributions to history -- maybe this project will help spread the love more equally. Among the 1000 women is a single Asian American woman: Yuri Kochiyama A daughter of Japanese immigrants, Yuri Kochiyama (born 1921) grew up in California. Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, her life changed dramatically in 1942 when people of Japanese ancestry in the U.S. were sent to internment camps. After World War II, she joined movements for civil rights and Black liberation in New York City; she opposed US imperialism and supported radical grassroots organizations and political prisoners. She has spoken out for racial justice and human rights for over 40 years. Jenn notes: Ms. Kochiyama worked closely with several groups of the Civil Rights movement and was a good friend of Malcolm X's. She was actually standing next to Malcolm X when he was fatally shot, and, I think, held him as he died.


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