Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sixteen Candles Sequel?!?

I heard it first on CNN and thought it was a lame Anderson Cooper farce (... but he makes the news sound so... fun!) There was an offensive exchange between white Cooper and white girl-who-was-covering-Jackson-trial about "The Donger". I thought nothing of it. Turns out the rumours may be true. Molly Ringwald is considering filming a Sixteen Candles sequel? In the exchange on CNN, Gedde Watanabe's name wasn't even mentioned; the anchors discussed Emilio Estevez but it was like Watanabe didn't even exist -- he simply was the yellow buffoon Long Duk Dong. I can say this, if they get Watanabe back to revise Long Duk Dong (which I'm sure they will, his career has also sunk faster than an elephant thrown over the Niagara Falls and told to float), you can be damn sure I and every other politicized Asian American will be there, protesting like it's Abercrombie and Fitch, part two. Hollywood, you have been warned. (see this post for a tiny inkling of why Long Duk Dong is bad)


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