Thursday, June 23, 2005

Killen gets 60 years

This morning, Killen received 60 years for the deaths of three civil rights activists in 1964. I'm glad Killen's age wasn't a factor, although the possible sacrifical lamb for the sake of revised racial perceptions of the South is still possible an issue. After all, they are painting this man as some sort of lone racist; will the other group of KKK members who escaped justice also now face trial? Meanwhile, it doesn't matter if the person is 25 or 85, if he committed a crime, the judicial system should sentence him irregardless of his age when he is tried. Previous Posts: Killen Killed 'Em and Geriatric Justice Update: electroman does a great job discussing Killen and how his conviction relates to American race relations, i.e. the marginalization of victims of colour, in this post: In Transit.


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