Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Do the Dems care about APIAs?

I did a Google search on Asian Americans, APIA Heritage Month and blogs. I feel very alone. Other than myself, / C.N. Le's Blog, and Hyphen Magazine's Blog, I can't find too many Asian American political blogs, especially any celebrating APIA Heritage Month. I did happen to find this online statement by the Democrats though.

DNC Chairman McAuliffe Statement on Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Washington, D.C. -- May 1st marks the beginning of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe issued the following statement: "The Democratic Party joins all Americans in paying tribute to the economic, social and political contributions made by Asian Pacific Islander (API) Americans. The values of hard work, academic excellence and family unity that are part of API Americans cultures have enriched our diversity and made America a stronger nation. "Democrats are proud of our history of fighting for the issues that matter to API Americans, such as quality public education, access to health care, economic progress, fair immigration laws and protection of civil rights. "Unfortunately, under the Bush administration, the future of the API Americans community is being threatened by policies that are impeding its progress. Under George W. Bush's presidency, college tuitions have risen exponentially, support for small businesses has been undermined and the civil rights of millions of API Americans are at risk. "This Asian Pacific American Heritage Month will mark the 11th month that President Bush has let the White House Initiative on Asian Pacific Islander Americans go expired and unfunded. By doing so, he is demonstrating how little he cares about this community. "It's ironic that President Bush talks about celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month while not providing any support for the Advisory Commission on API Americans. Due to this neglect, critical data on API Americans participation in federal, health, human services and community development programs are not being measured. George W. Bush has turned the clock back for Asian Pacific Islander Americans. "API Americans and the entire country need a President who will prioritize the needs of all Americans. We need a President who will promote tougher hate crimes laws, non-discriminatory immigration laws, and an economic plan that promotes individuals before corporations.
Personally, it still sounds like fluffy propaganda to me -- the Dems haven't done much for APIAs either. However, it's a little heart-warming to get at least a little lip service.


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