Thursday, May 19, 2005

Credit Card Annoyance

So, I haven't used my credit card in weeks because I knew I was going over my piddly limit. See -- this is my first credit card ever, so I've tried to be exceedingly careful with it, paying out my whole balance before each billing date and checking my balance rather obsessively. I don't want a better credit limit because I know the temptation will be too great to overspend. However, last month, a late transaction billing caused me to go $15 over my limit just before they decided to bill my credit card (i.e., a transaction involving my income tax waited over a month to get billed, always showing up on my statement but without them actually having taken funds yet... until the day my billing cycle ended). I immediately paid out my balance plus the extra $15 I owed the company (and another extra $15 just in case). Then I had a trip to Toronto and other miscellaneous expenses and before I knew it, I was sitting with only $100 of credit left before I hit my limit again this month. So I sat on it, and used the rest of my cash in my chequing account. But... of course, there was one bill that had to be paid, so I charged it. It was around $75.00, so I was safe. Then, today, my billing cycle ended. But, just as they close it, they slap me with a $30 overlimit fee from last month. Which put me over the limit this month. Which means I will get another $30 overlimit fee next month for going over limit this month for going over limit last month. Bitches. And all I can do is pad my payment this month to cover that fee next month and push it out of my mind. God, the daunting cross-country move, close this apartment, find an apartment in Arizona thing is already stress enough on my budget, I don't need a $60 punishment for going $15 over my credit limit. I knew there was a reason I waited this long to get a credit card.


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