Monday, May 02, 2005

Anti-Mexican Hate Radio

I received an email this morning with an attached article on anti-Mexican hate radio on the west coast.

Disney KABC Radio in Los Angeles Targets Mexicans by Ernesto Cienfuegos La Voz de Aztlan Los Angeles, Alta California - April 29, 2005 - (ACN) Continuous anti-Mexican hate propaganda by a Disney owned radio station in Los Angeles has become intolerable to millions of Mexican-Americans in Southern California prompting a boycott of its advertisers. Radio KABC 790 AM's constant day and night tirade against Mexican immigrants, Mexican-Americans and other Latinos has many citizens of Mexican descent worried that the radio station may cause more serious ethnic conflicts and hate crimes in the area. The Los Angeles region has recently experienced three race related riots at local high schools and four separate and unsolved shootings on the area's freeways by unknown assailants that some experts believe may be race related. The constant and vicious hate rhetoric against Mexicans by the various talk show xenophobes at KABC has prompted the formation of the "STOP Anti-Mexican Hate Radio Coalition" which is calling for a boycott of the products and services of those businesses that advertise on KABC radio. The coalition has collected a list of most of the businesses that advertise on KABC along with their toll free telephone numbers.  The list is published at "KABC ADVERTISERS" . The coalition is asking the community to call the businesses on the list to express concern that the hate propaganda against Mexicans on KABC radio may result in more hate crimes and murders of Mexicans, Mexican-Americans and other Latinos. The coalition is asking the community to emphasise to the businesses that they will be boycotted until they stop supporting anti-Mexican radio programming at KABC. There is no question that constant ethnic hate mongering over the airwaves can have dire consequences for those groups that are targeted. A perfect recent example is what occurred during the Rwandan genocide of 1994 when a radio station calling itself "Voice of the Patriot" and another called "Radio Mille Collines" instigated the massacre of tens of thousands of Africans. Here in the USA, hate mongering against Afro-Americans has resulted in a series of horrific hate crime against the group. Just this morning, for example, a vicious radio talk jock by the name of Bill Handel said something over the airwaves that should infuriate every Afro-American in Los Angeles. Handel, angry that Police Chief William J. Bratton may take action against the cop that beat a Black man with a flashlight said, " the cop should have parked his flashlight up his anus!" Any Afro-American group wishing more details on the commentary of Bill Handel should contact La Voz de Aztlan at The Mexican immigrant community has already suffered a series of unsolved hate crimes due, in large measure, to the hostile anti-Mexican environment created by hate radio.  Among these is the cold-blooded bludgeoning to death of a Mexican mother and daughter in Fremont, California on February of 2004. Another heinous hate crime occurred in Baltimore, Maryland on May, 2004 when three Mexican children were decapitated. Yet another recent case occurred last September in Columbus, Ohio when ten Mexican immigrants were burned to death when arsonists set their rented apartment building on fire.  None of these cases, nor many others in prior years, have been solved by police authorities. La Voz de Aztlan published a report on these hate crimes titled "Heinous hate murders of undocumented Mexican immigrants on the rise" at The "demonization" of Mexican immigrants and Mexican-Americans by KABC radio is having extremely detrimental affects in our quality of life and we should not stand idle by and take it. There is a very effective way to fight back against the bigots at KABC. Radio stations depend on advertising dollars to survive. Cut their advertising and they die.  Advertisers in turn depend on customers and can not afford negative publicity. A few hundred calls to a KABC advertiser would be enough for them to drop KABC.  Businesses in the Los Angeles area know that Mexican immigrants, Mexican-Americans and other Latinos now make a large percentage of all consumers in the area.  The advertisers can not afford to antagonize this large and growing segment of the market. The list of advertisers along with their toll free telephone numbers is published at "KABC ADVERTISERS". The "STOP Anti-Mexican Hate Radio Coalition" suggests that you refer to the "Talking Points" at when speaking with the advertisers. Disney's KABC Hate Talk Radio is on the 790 AM frequency channel. It features five talk jocks who hold extremely prejudiced views of Mexicans. The worst of these anti-Mexican xenophobes are Doug McIntyre, Bill O'reilly, Al Rantel, Sean Hannity and Larry Elder They all support the Minutemen border vigilantes and have given Chris Simcox, an Arizona criminal, an exorbitant amount of air time to propagandise and to recruit vigilantes. Al Rantel has undertaken a fundraising campaign for the Minutemen utilizing the Disney owned radio station. Sean Hannity joined Chris Simcox at the Arizona/Mexico border to lend support to the vigilantes through the radio station. Indirectly, it is the advertisers that are paying for the airtime that is being used to demonize Mexicans. There are many other anti-Mexican hate talk jocks at other radio stations. The "STOP Anti-Mexican Hate Radio Coalition" wants to focus on one of the worst and use KABC 790 AM - Los Angeles as an example and warning to the others. If the coalition is successful in stopping anti-Mexican programming at KABC, other stations will surely take notice. La Voz de Aztlan encourages our readership to join and help the "STOP Anti-Mexican Hate Radio Coalition". Go to the list at "KABC ADVERTISERS" and start calling the advertisers through their toll free telephone numbers. E-mail the list to others in your network and ask them to do the same. The Internet is a powerful tool with yet untapped potential to do good. Help STOP the vile bigots at KABC hate radio! Call at least five of the advertisers per day during regular business hours.
This reminds me of the xenophobic anti-immigrant racism of many of the nation's top pundits. While there is nothing defensible about illegal immigration, many of these commentators take things too far and cross the line into anti-coloured people bigotry. Speaking out against illegal immigration is one thing, but why is it that someone like Lou Dobbs was never interested in patrolling the Canadian border? One has to suspect that, for whatever reason, Dobbs finds more distaste in an influx of brown illegal immigrants than white ones; remember that the Minuteman Project website cited their fear of illegal immigration as having to do with the tainting of white American culture, more than any terrorist or economic fears (see this post for more details). Attitudes like this also bring to mind recent comments made by the anti-immigrant Lou Dobbs regarding skyrocketing American gas prices: on his CNN show, Dobbs made comments that blamed developing Asian nations like China and India and increasing demands for cars in those countries for the inflated price of gas in this country. I'm sorry - what? Is there something about Chinese and Indians being wealthy enough to own cars that bothers people like Dobbs -- I can't help but question whether there's some deep-seated racism in xenophobic pundits that tells them that people of colour around the world don't deserve the kind of lifestyle Americans are accustomed to.


Anonymous onesimus said...

Chris Simcox... "Arizona criminal"?!

Disagreement with the left makes one a criminal?

What was the final death toll from the minutemen's vigilante actitivies?

Vigilante: "one of a group who take upon themselves the unauthorized, responsibility of interpreting and acting upon matters of law, public morality, etc."

Unauthorized: "without legal sanction"

Despite the best efforts of leftist lawyers, the minutemen were not found doing anything illegal, and hence don't qualify as a vigilante group.

5/02/2005 05:16:00 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

they were not doing anything illegal, but they were acting in an unauthorized manner. President Bush himself called them "vigilantes". The website itself describes the group as taking the law into its own hands.

I don't know how much more an organization can fit into the description of vigilante-ism. Just because people haven't died yet doesn't mean that the MMP operate with the full sanction of the law.

I suggest, onesimus that you read the post I link to in this post as it goes into better detail about the vigilante and criminal actions of the MMP. No matter how much you might agree with what the MMP is doing, it's no excuse to consider themselves and their actions above the law.

5/02/2005 06:00:00 PM  
Blogger James said...

President Bush called the Minuteman Project "vigilantism".

Just because no one has died from the Minuteman Project's activities doesn't mean the Minuteman Project isn't a xenophobic, racist, nativist disgrace against federalism and the rule of law.

We have a Border Patrol for a reason. I don't trust angry white men to follow federal procedure when combating illegal immigration, and you shouldn't either, Onesimus.

5/02/2005 08:00:00 PM  

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