Friday, April 22, 2005

Random Hallucinatory Ramblings

Where's the logic behind the phrase 'sick as a dog'? What does that really mean? Dogs aren't, by nature, sick -- though they have wet noses and lolling tongues, the tongues don't loll like the tongues of a truly ill person. The phrase is really saying 'sick as a healthy dog'... which makes no sense because then you're saying you're not really sick at all. Maybe the phrase should be 'i'm sick as a sick dog'. But really, dogs aren't especially sick when they are sick. My puppy had kennel cough when we got him, and other than the odd cough, he was perfectly happy and well-adjusted, not rolling around sniffling and moaning. Hell, other than the odd sneeze, we couldn't even tell he was sick. I think the phrase should be 'i'm sick as a drunken squirrel'. Because really, the image that phrase evokes is much more appropriate. When I wanted to share everything with electroman, I didn't realize it would include his cold viruses. This week, I caught a terrible cold/flu/something from him. It sucks. I haven't been able to sleep soundly in three days. On Wednesday (or maybe it was Tuesday?), I spent sixteen hours in bed tossing and turning, unable to breathe through the mucous in my nose and the phlegm in my throat -- yes, I know that's not a pleasant image, but misery loves company. I was in and out of sleep so long that the entire night is like one big acid trip, with reality intermingling with bizarre fever-induced dreams. I remember waking up the following morning convinced that my fish tank had expanded into three segments with various degrees of muddiness in the water and infested with weird, red spider-like fishes with spindly fin/legs swimming around eating the caracasses of my orange guppie and black molly, while other weird black and white fish babies swam around swallowing one another. Thankfully, since then, the fever has broken, and the hallucinations have pretty much subsided. On an unrelated note, I saw a guy riding a unicycle to class this morning.


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