Friday, April 08, 2005


It's surprising to me that Michelle Malkin is so infamous in the blogger circuit, and not just to irate Asian American activists who are tired of her incessant belittling of the APIA cause. Apparently, Malkin-hate is near universal on the Left. Recently, the Terri Schiavo Memo fiasco has had the political blogosphere in a tizzy. I admit, for whatever reason, I couldn't care less about the memo, what it said, why it was said, and its implications for the levels of sincere compassion we get out of the 'Compassionate Conservatives'. Electroman hypothesizes that I'm just too cynical -- that the idea of the Republicans coaching themselves with talking points on how to spin the Schiavo case wasn't much of a surprise because... well, to be honest, I expect both sides had at least a few talking points circulated. I'm not naive enough to believe anyone really cared about Terri or her family. But, I digress. Upon the discovery by the Washington Post that the memo did indeed originate out of the office of a member of the GOP, conservative bloggers have pouted and stamped their feet while liberal bloggers have indulged in a terrifyingly immature display of 'I told you so's'. Ms. Malkin attempts a clever sleight of hand, turning her readers' attention to nasty names the liberals are calling her on Washington Monthly rather than any assumptions she and other conservatives might've made about the memo's origin, but her skills are more Blaine than Houdini. After all, as Rox Populi points out, Ms. Malkin carefully omits the comments a few lines after those she quotes, in which other commentors lambast those who resort to name-calling. Nonetheless, it seems Ms. Malkin is the target of some seriously disgusting and derogatory shit. A February 2005 post of hers is telling -- she posts some comments about her on another blog, and in an even earlier (and even more disgusting) post, she posts a sampling of emails she claims to receive on a daily basis. As much as I can't stand Ms. Malkin and how her token presence allows the Republicans to feel justified in being as racist as possible against immigrants, Asian Americans, and other people of colour, I don't feel anyone deserves the kind of stomach-churning mudslinging that Ms. Malkin is subject to. The level of academic discourse is not benefitted by calling Ms. Malkin a buck-toothed whore and wondering "Do you think Malkin's breezer runs horizontally instead of vertically?" As satisfying as it might feel to launch a few tasteless insults Malkin's way, it is absolutely unacceptable to make racist, mysoginistic remarks against a commentator just because you don't like what she has to say. That is racism and sexism in its purest form -- in the end, these people are still saying that a (questionably) 'intelligent' Asian American woman will still be devolved into a 'sucky sucky long time' Full Metal Jacket prostitute by her hateful detractors. Ms. Malkin's free speech rights don't guarantee that I have to listen, care, or respect what she has to say -- but my own morals say that discourse isn't helped by sinking to her level of hate-mongering. Emails such as those that Ms. Malkin published in her post are little more than acts of ephermeral masturbatory self-gratification which do little to hurt Ms. Malkin but can then be used as ammunition to paint liberals as racist and sexist bigots. I, for one, am ashamed to be in any way associated with any group that might use emails such as those cited to lower the level of discourse to such a state. Let the conservatives like Malkin be the hatemongers, I'd rather actually be on the moral high ground than have to pretend to be.


Blogger phillyjay said...

I agree no one should go through racist name calling, or sexist attitudes.Besides that, I have no love for her.She reminds me way too much of those types of pundits who constantly talk shit/belittle conservatives liberals or even moderates and make a living off of it.I don't mind constructive critique from people on the left or right.But I really don't like that pundit sh*t.Gets old really fast.

4/08/2005 04:40:00 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

that pundit shit? like calling people names or like... people being pundits?

4/09/2005 02:02:00 PM  
Blogger phillyjay said...

I guess both.

4/09/2005 03:06:00 PM  

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