Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Just got published!!

No, not my blog writing... that'll have to wait until I'm... y'know... a trained and talented writer. However, a paper from my lab recently published in a scientific journal and (through the generousity of my boss more than anything else), it will be the first entry of my Curriculum Vitae, since I was bizarrely included as third author. This paper doesn't contain my life's work for the last two years -- that dataset is done but it waiting on my boss for analyses. You'll see way more excitement out of me when that comes out (my genes are my babies!!). You can download my first published paper here, if you're supremely interested in the phylogenetic utility of nuclear versus ribosomal genes. (Don't reproduce it elsewhere please...) On that note, my sister just told me that this is how she describes what I do to her friends: "She mushes up a bug and swooshes it in some water, and then she puts it in a jelly thing and the machine makes the DNA thingie run.... and then a picture is taken and.. yea..." It's frighteningly accurate.


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