Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Canadian Border

Apparently Americans are terrified of Mountie Power. And really, who can blame them? Anyone watch Due South? Paul Gross not only severely out-thought, out-muscled, and out-maneuvered all of his American counterparts, but he did so with style, chilvalry, and drop-dead hunky good looks, not to mention fashionable red overcoat, boots and that kick-ass hat. Apparently the Americans are suffering from severe dick envy as a result. Thank you Department of Homeland Security; now afraid that Americans will have Canadian moral and cultural values (not to mention our liberal politics and socialized healthcare) rub off on them, all Americans must show a passport to enter or exit Canada and Mexico. This may not apply to me... yet. But America's ever-closing doors don't bode well for cooperation and good ties between the North American countries. True, America is the only one foreign nations really care about, but the economy of the U.S. is closely tied to import and export across the Canadian and Mexican borders. I can't imagine how a new era of mistrust and Minutemen is really going to help that. I mean, really -- as a Canadian, I'm starting to freak out that my I-94 is gonna get revoked 'cuz I'm a little too brown for the Terror-o-meter. Thanks to Trish Wilson for the link to the Seattle Times article. Here be the USAToday article on the ever-increasing paranoia of the DHS. As an aside, how do rude DHS border patrols help homeland security? Can't you protect the border and be polite at the same time? Not all of us foreign nationals have bombs strapped to our waists. Update: Found the CNN article.


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