Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Pedestrians Beware, Part 1

Wizard did it in six months, electroman did it in one. This next couple of weeks I intend to meet and hopefully break the record set by my illustrious significant other: I intend to get my full driver's license in less than one month. Keeping in mind that I had my learners for five years, and it recently expired a little after my 21st birthday, I do already know how to drive and have actually got several (carefully supervised by my companion guardian fully licensed driver) road trips under my belt. However, last Thursday, I decided that because Tucson isn't a public metro kind of city, I'd better get a driver's license before the move out there. I took my written on Thursday at lunch, and passed with flying colours. Tonight, I took my mandatory 5-hour pre-licensing course. (A side tangent: why is it that every driving classroom course I've taken has been the same, with the over-emphasis on seat belts and not drinking and driving, and those cheesy corny movies from the eighties with the big hair and the McGuyver music playing in the background? Come on, people, we already are bored half to death... let's snazz up the multimedia a bit?!?) Tomorrow I will schedule my road test. I was warned the delay could be upwards of a week. However, if I'm lucky and I pass my road test, I should have beaten electroman's time by approximately a week. Wish me luck... ... and pedestrians beware!


Blogger James said...

Best of luck on beating the record Jenn! I just hope you also take the time to polish your driving skills. Sure, I know you are an amazing driver, but everyone can use some help, so do your best and have fun.

Besides, you having a license is great. This way, if I'm ever unjustly incarcerated, you can easily drive out to visit me and bring me some James Baldwin novels to read while I'm awaiting trial.

Good luck baby!

3/29/2005 10:15:00 PM  
Blogger Karlos said...

Good luck, Jenn! You're lucky it only takes them a week to schedule the road test. In Minnesota, I called the DMV a couple weeks before my 16th birthday (I was eager to get my licensce; I don't understand how any of you guys waited so long), and the earliest available appointment was a month away.

During the road test, just take things slow and exaggerate everything, so they can clearly see you checking your blind spot, etc. You'll do fine.

3/30/2005 09:48:00 AM  

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