Wednesday, March 02, 2005

A particularly special K (this one's for you...)

20 (humble) Reasons Why Special K Should Get a Blog: 1) You live in Minnesota (oh yeah, you betcha!). I live in Ithaca. You do the math (er... geography). 2) How many people do you know can actually use the words "cohabitational interdependence" and "eat my ass" in the same sentence? 3) You never call me anymore!! 4) Your current site sucks. No offense, but it's boring. It hasn't been updated in months. Kind of like electroman's blogging habits. *ducks for cover* 5) You don't actually work at work. I mean, if you have the time to be spending on Paledorian's quizzes (and beating me to the punch nearly every time), you have the time to blog. 6) You'll be driving cross-country. I've never driven cross-country before; I'd like to get the play-by-play of the Big K Adventures. You've lived "vicariously" through my blog for a year now, it's time to give a little. 7) It's not like any of us really blog about anything relevant. (Okay, we all know my blog is brilliant, but consider me an outlier... *snort*). Blog about your breakfast bagel, you'll fit right in! 8) You lurk on everyone else's blogs anyways. What're you doing? Your best Clay Aiken impression? ( [editor's note] Clay Aiken = stalker) 9) Afraid your roommate will hate you? Nothing like a three month road trip to help heal the wounds... 10) Besides, if he kicks you out, you can always stay with your folks! 11) I can spam your comments section with memories of our wild Cornell days. Like that time you did that naked handstand... O.o 12) Blogger is free. As is LiveJournal and Xanga. 13) Hell! You already have a LiveJournal account!! 14) You happen to have a sweet 'lil (uber-talented) webmistress friend sitting right over here who would offer her services for free. (Mmmm, kinky). 15) You actually know HTML. That'll really help... (so, not kidding here) 16) The following domain names are still up for grabs:,,,,, and! For godssakes, what're you waiting for? 17) In all seriousness, having your own domain would help get your ass off those crappy free sites and give you the opportunity to host your own .mp3s and help your budding musical career. 18) We have two black men, an arab-british american man, and an angry lil' asian girl in our inner blogring circle. Come on, man, think of it as reverse affirmative action! 19) It'll help you get women. Really. Women will throw themselves at you. Really. *looks around desperately* 20) Come on, man, everyone's doing it! Don't you want to be part of the cool crowd?


Anonymous Karlos said...

1) True.
2) Good point; I rule and should share my awesomeness with the world.
3) Sorry (you never call me, either, though :P)
4) I update... I added some stuff... a month... or two ago...
5) I normally work... just had some slow times with my contract winding down
6) The road trip should make some good blogging material...
7) Frosted Flakes, thank you.
8) *Puts away binoculars* *whistles innocently*
9) No, he already does.
10) He can't do it, captain; he doesn't have the power!
11) Hey, it was an impressive display of balance considering how much vodka was in me.
12) True.
13) Yes, because I'm too lazy to type my name.
14) Would these services involve handcuffs?
15) ...and CSS. I can even do Perl CGI scripts. I made one (actually, just modified a piece of guestbook code) for a blog, including password-protected online blogging, but it doesn't include comments (I think I might be able to do that with XML and ASP... I'm such a nerd)
16) I already have
17) I already have ...are you still looking at what's left of my page on freewebs?
18) Well, I wouldn't want to co-opt...
19) suuuuuure... blogging is sexy! ...? o.O
20) uhm...

3/02/2005 05:58:00 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...


Well I'll be damned.
So what's stopping you, fuckhead?

Oh and btw, do you know MySQL and php?

3/02/2005 10:22:00 PM  
Blogger Karlos said...

Ok, I'm playing around with blogger's setup a little. How do you get rid of the navbar at the top? (like at the top of this page: ) There's no code for it in the template, but on the page, the code is right there after the opening body tag. They give you a little pull-down menu for changing the color of it, but I don't see how to get rid of it.

3/03/2005 01:30:00 PM  

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