Wednesday, February 02, 2005

(di)Sta(s)te of the Union

My running commentary during the State of the Union: I love how President Bush turned his back on the Congresswoman who protested his inauguration, and refused to shake her hand, while on camera. Smooth, president, smooth. Reduction of the deficit by 2009 by cutting taxes... and cutting 'unnecessary' social programs that don't cater to 'priorities'? I'm sorry, but what exactly would those be, Mr. President? Okay, I know everyone and their cousin has said this already but, goddammit -- it's nu-cleer, not nu-cu-ler!!! Bush just declared he wants tighter border control -- well, this may very well be my last post, folks. Imma get deported!! Fixing social security -- good. Destroying social security -- bad. Bush will be destroying the point of social security by creating the personal retirement account. I don't have time to go over it now, but Bush's social security predictions are flawed -- I believe he's applying a growth rate as if the baby boom didn't bust. Social security is necessary to ensure that all post-retirement Americans are given adequate income (after we force them to retire) to survive during their twilight years. That should be regardless of income. Voluntary personal retirement account disregard differences in income. They disregard the fact that some simply will not earn enough, over a lifetime, to support themselves before they die. More importantly, the personal retirement account means less money going into an already taxed system. How does Bush plan on doing as he promised a few minutes ago -- ensuring that those already close to retiring still get their benefits? Even implemented gradually, taking money out of the system only speeds up the deadline when social security goes bankrupt. Also, speaking as someone who had the option of investing some of my cheque in an investment account -- yeah, uhm, I'm not paid enough to put away a percentage for the future. I know it's smarter but the landlord's beating on my door. If I have access to my money, you know I have to spend on more pressing needs... like food... The defense of marriage amendment is back?!? God! Let it go!! When has there been an amendment to the constitution to remove rights from Americans? Ah, a politician whose platform stands firmly on the grounds of gay-bashing. I'm surprised he hasn't picked up a shovel and beat Matt Sheppard's corpse, himself. Oh lord, faith-based initiatives (re: institution of state-endorsed religion) -- yes, we'll help you so long as you remember, the president says that God can save you from yourself. Electroman says, "Laura Bush is going to teach me how to be a man!!" Incidentally, the Dems are laughing at Bush right now. Now, the governer who had the highest incidence of capital punishment in his state during his governership cares about those behind bars... Better DNA testing is good, but I'm sorry, doesn't anyone else see the hypocrisy? Ah, and now we come to the terrorism portion of tonight's events. Here's a drinking game: take a shot every time Bush mentions Osama Bin Laden -- y'know, that guy who masterminded the Sept. 11th attacks. Really -- just grab a gulp of schnapps whenever he rallies us against Osama... and don't be surprised if you're as sober as a dry vagina at 10pm. No, Mr. Bush, Americans don't impose governments on others. We just force you to choose for yourself, and then label your ass a terrorist when you oppose us. Then we string you up by some cold nipple clamps, take some pictures, and shoot you. But no, we don't impose. Why doesn't the Afghan woman or the Iraqi woman have a name? What are they -- prize cows to be paraded around by a toothless fourth grade boy at the 4H fair? Iran? Iran? Wait a sec, I thought the sleight of hand was to make us look at Iraq and forget Afghanistan... now the same tired trick is being used to distract us from Iraq by dangling Iran in front of us? The blue finger thing is dumb. Whatever happened to a nice ribbon? Bring back the ribbon! Hey, Mr. Bush, why don't you encourage the people in your own country to vote -- like the ones who didn't gt to vote in 2000, before breaking your arm patting yourself on the back in the Middle East? Glass houses, Mr. President, glass houses. Yay! The Iraqi woman has a name! Alright, the last twenty minutes has been a total snooze. Call me an ass, but frankly, I don't really give a damn about winning the War on Terror, or whatever. Okay, but the woman who lost her son hugging the woman who gets to vote is cheesy. *koff* Staged! *koff*. And of course, the dog tags are conveniently in her hand, perfect for the photo op. The speech is over. Why is it that when President Bush delivers a State of the Union, it inevitably comes across like a fifth grade book report? The President just kissed Joe Liebermann. Ew.


Blogger phillyjay said...

I was surprised he mentioned the AIDS problem in the black community.Maybe some good will come out of this if he really is going to do what he says.

2/04/2005 08:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ever notice how the New England Patriots just aren't that good, but ever since Bush got into office, they keep winning Super Bowls?

2/05/2005 01:18:00 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

i heard that the explanation was that it was god, not bush, who was the patriots fan.

2/08/2005 07:28:00 PM  
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