Thursday, February 10, 2005

The craziness that is my dad...

Alright, a short post because I haven't had the chance to post in awhile. Don't worry, K, your 'special' post is coming. First of all, Happy Chinese New Year to all. I smirk as I say the following, and I know you shall smirk too; it is the Year of the Cock!! Alrighty, so I got my itinerary for my trip to Tucson next week. I will be leaving early Wed. morning and returning to Syracuse at midnight on Saturday night (or... I guess... Sunday morning). So, as the dutiful daughter does, I email my itinerary to my mom and dad. My dad responds with a near frantic email asking if I have booked a hotel in Tucson (uhm no. I already explained I was going to be hosted by a grad student, as is standard with these recruitment weekends. The Cornell entomology recruitment weekend is this weekend, btw, so I'm getting a primer on what to expect). Then, he gets freaked that I'm returning at midnight ("This is America, you know..." he cautions me), and says that he will not stop being worried until I have booked "land transportation". I have to just shake my head. I already emailed him prior to today telling him about the hosting arrangments, what to expect, and that there is a very reliable shuttle service from Ithaca to Syracuse. And besides... not to sound naiive, but what exactly does he expect is going to happen? "This is America?" What, the land of theivery, thuggery, and terrorism? I'm going to be flying from Central friggin' New York (the land of 'there ain't shit happenin' nowheres, and the top story on the local news is a guy who parked in a wheelchair spot'... and i'm so not kidding about that) to Tucson, Arizona, which is in the middle of the friggin' desert and where they think I'm this upper-crusty NYC Manhattanite stepped right out of the pages of a Sex and the City column. It's just another entry in the long litany of things my dad does that irritates me. God help him, he just has my best interests at heart, but you'd think I was two years old and freshly graduaed from pre-school with the way he frets. Not a girl well on her way to 23. I think that's what comes with having a father who missed most of your childhood. I guess I always thought it would be me who would be bitter, but I think he's totally lost too, now that he's trying to rekindle that 'family' thing. He has absolutely no idea how to act, he's floundering and I feel like I have to hold his hands, show my boundaries. I am actually looking forward to this trip if only to prove to him that I really can take care of myself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tucson's dangerous, you know; don't get eaten by a coyote.

Hey, there are 12 animals in the Chinese calendar, and James and I are turning 24 this year, so we must both be cocks. I shoulda been born a year earlier, though; we all know I'm really a monkey.

btw, with the buildup, this "special" post is starting to scare me...


2/10/2005 06:23:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, my dad (absent the first 15 years of life) tries the whole bonding, parenting, father-being thing. Since I still am not at the point where I feel he's really my dad (I consider my stepdad more of a father), it's really, really annoying. Like an acquaintance butting into your life.

I don't know why this response sounds so negative. I wanted to post something happy :/

Oh, wait! Enjoy your trip :D

Heart, X and O,


2/11/2005 12:34:00 PM  
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