Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Wedding Vows

I got Rain and Frenchie's wedding announcement in the mail yesterday. They are marrying on May 14th. A week following, D and K are going to be married in Texas. Electroman and I have been invited to attend both. There's a thread at YW right now asking about rites of passage. Well, I think we definitely know we're growing up when our friends are getting hitched, left and right. This is terrifying -- just yesterday, we were in our teens, still giddy from the puppy love of the man who sweeps us off our feet in ballroom dancing class (and takes us out to get our bump 'n grind on at Republica -- now that's real dancing). But now, all of the friends are getting married, having children, and generally doing that grown-up thing. What's with the wine and cheese parties and the board games? In high school, we couldn't grow up fast enough, now all of a sudden, I just want to slow the shit down. Paledorian posted recently about the Quarterlife Crisis -- here's mine. I'm 22, damnmit. Twenty fucking -2. There ain't no way in hell that I'm ready to transcend into adulthood. Give me the staying up 'til 4am, eating cold pizza, and kicking ass and taking names with the PlayStation life. It's sad enough that I've suddenly become an excellent bill-payer (I have a whole organized file folder, too!). But I haven't completely given up on my Peter Pan complex. All of our friends have said that Electroman and I are practically married. They wonder if and when we'll ever really tie the knot. Well, shit, I can let you guys know now -- as much as Electroman is The One(tm) for me, we simply are too young at heart and mind for there to be wedding bells in the soon-to-be future. Try in five years. Maybe a decade. There's no doubt in my mind that it'll happen one day (God willing that he feels the same way...), but we're both agreed: we're both way too young. So now here I am, ready to watch, in six months, as my high school friend walks down the aisle with my other high school friend. And they all thought I was gonna be the first to attach the 'ol ball and chain. Well, hell, I was the first to shack up with a guy... that's gotta count for somethin', right?


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