Thursday, January 27, 2005

Kurobishounen to tomodachi wa baka desu yo!

If you can read this thread title, you may be an asiaphile. I don't think I blogged about this, but a few months ago I was involved in some drama over at YW with the rest of the mods. It involved a member, Kurobishounen, a long-time poster on the boards and one of our "problem members". Now, one of the biggest problems at YW is our penchant for attracting unabashed Asiaphiles. You know, the ones who make up s/n's like 'Kurobishounen' (it means "black, really hot boy" in Japanese), who watch tons of anime and kung fu movies, and who generally has some sort of fetish/fixation on Japanese and/or Chinese culture. Well, YW also gets a special variety -- the Black asiaphile who is usually of a particularly disgusting variety -- openly hitting on our Asian female members and mods and crying racism or anti-African American bias when measures are taken against them. Now I've never claimed that the relationship between Blacks and Asians was particularly sweet. There's a fair share of animousity between the two communities that hasn't really been addressed, let alone resolved -- Asians tend to buy into the racist stereotypes of Blacks as angry good-for-nothing thugs, while Blacks tend to see Asians as weak whiny sellouts trying to appropriate either Black history (the politicized Asians) or Black culture (the so-called 'chiggas'). Nonetheless, my personal philosophy at YW is that everyone should be given a decent shot. If you don't break the Community Forum guidelines, we're five-by-five. Unfortunately, that's usually not the case with our black Asiaphile members. The drama began a few months ago (I allude to it in my Nov. 22 old diary entry) when KB, already displaying an aggravatingly eager-to-please mentality when it came to certain femaile mods at YW, joined the newly made Kerry/Edwards supporter group. A glitch on the boards made it possible for him to thus access the Mod forum, a green room for the mods to either discuss relevant modding issues or otherwise gossip and bitch like a bunch of hens. The point is that the mods, rightly or wrongly, take for granted the privacy of the forum and coverse accordingly. Meanwhile, KB, seeing this immediately obvious mistake, did not tell any of the admin about the error and instead proceeded to lurk in the mod forum where he read some things that he didn't like. Instead, he posted death threats (or at least threats of bodily harm) against some of the mods on his personal blog. Some stuff happened and he ended up getting into a conflict with the admin. This is where I come in -- KB contacted me after the conflict and essentially pled his case to me, basically involving why he had been temporarily banned and whether or not he was being targetted especially harshly. Some more stuff happened that I can't get into, but in the end, I was so frustrated with YW, and also afraid that I had pissed off the higher ups, that I was certain that my taking a stance in partial (and I do say partial) defense of KB would end up getting me kicked off the mod team or forcing me to quit in protest and frustration. Deciding that none of this drama was worth it, I took a self-imposed leave of absence (like... a week and a half, maybe) from the boards and cooled off. KB later contacted me on behalf of a friend of his and another of our non-Asian posters, who had recently been temporarily banned by an admin. I had nothing to do with it, so when I realized that there would be another turf war if I interjected or in any way took a stance, I decided that if I planned on revolting against the powers that be, I would do it for someone a little more worthwhile than KB and his friend, who weren't completely in the right anyways. I basically asked myself 'would I be willing to not be a mod at YW -- which I love doing btw -- for this person?' The answer was very simply, 'no'. I quickly told him that I could not get involved and suggested he contact the admin who actually oversaw this second incident with his friend. He sent me a couple of unanswered IMs later that night (like 3am in the morning when I was, surprise, surprise, asleep), but those quickly tapered off and I didn't hear from him again. And then recently, this whole drama popped up again. It seems KB has decided to wage a personal war against YW, and started a thread in Black Asiaphile Hell (aka, henceforth known as BAH, in which he disses each and every moderator at YW and some longtime posters he had conflicted with in the past. And would you believe he had this to say about me?

*kitty Dating a Black man. Hmm, as this person seems no different from those above, I wonder why this individual in that relationship? I asked this individual what was going on? Why are certain posters—i.e. nonamerasian—a Black woman who posted on the site (and to some extent myself) being treated like so? This person did not want to get involved. Even tried to be a ‘smarty-pants’ when I was ‘hinting’ in a post that Kasia was stalking. She mentioned how the relations between Asians and Blacks are that good. Hmm…last I checked, I didn’t know each and every Asian man and woman, not too mention each an every Black man and woman. I hardly think Kitty does herself. Just because has some racial issues doesn’t mean everyone else does….

KB holds me in such low regard that he reserved this particularly poignant paragraph for me and my love life? Well, let's examine it piece-by-piece, shall we? First of all, to truly get KB's mindset, we must ask why he even dragged me into his problems with the YW admin in the first place? Ever since I joined the board, he's tried to be friendly with me. It might've been because, as a mod, I mod one of the only forums he actually frequents, the Arts&Entertainment forum, where people are rarely challenged to think about race politics. (My second choice, btw, I really wanted Rant Room, but I'm obviously still happy with where I am). But, more than likely, he, and many of the other Black Asiaphiles initially targeted me because I'm dating a black man and have not tried to hide it. The way they deal with me, especially in this conflict where I was essentially drafted to be KB's insider advocate, KB saw a girl who loves a 'brother' and thought that she would be sympathetic to all 'brothers' in their hour of need, regardless of the personal merit of their situations. Yeah... uhm... no. The second problem is that all of my defenses of KB I did without his knowledge, in the mod forum. There was no public result or any public acknowledgement that I actually had something to say. So, when KB felt he had been dissed by the mods, he assumed I must've been in complete favour -- all because I felt the need to blow him off the second time he contacted me. Thus, according to him, I date black men, but I feel the same way as all the other admin about black people, i.e. I'm an unabashed n*gger-hater (pardon my use of the n-word) with a black sambo fetish. Then I didn't want to get involved when it came to KB's friend. As I explained earlier, I didn't want to get involved because I couldn't get involved and either way, this doesn't imply any of hatred of black people. The 'smarty pants' thing I have no idea what is being referenced, but let's just say it's not hard to be a smarty-pants when talking with a complete asshat. The last paragraph also frustrated me. If KB had such a problem with my characterization of Asian/Black relationships, it was his duty to say something counter to it. My only stance on Asian/Black relations is that the community is at odds -- L.A. Riots, my parents, the way BSU dealt with APAA, etc etc, we're not the best of friends. To deny that fact just because you get your rocks off to "slanty-eyed" pussy is sad (did I mention that the black Asiaphiles tend to try and reinforce their Asiaphilia by writing erotica and fanfiction starring black men fucking Asian women? And they post it on the boards looking for props. Can I get an 'ew'?) Nonetheless, I never claimed to speak for all Blacks and Asians worldwide. Funny how the Black Asiaphile does. Anyways, I got furious and wrote KB an angry PM in which I basically detailed what I have posted here. I then challenged him to email me or IM me in response to talk about it, especially if he feels like the people at YW are wimps for never wanting to say face-to-face to a black man everything they supposedly say behind their backs on the board. Of course, I haven't heard from KB yet. Meanwhile, on BAH, I showed electroman the thread, and he also got upset. Very upset. He registered and has decided to argue and troll the board until he gets banned. Personally, if he's looking to get banned, he's gonna need to get a little meaner, but hey, to each his own. The thread currently sits at upwards of 11 pages, and it's basically electroman taking on the hoardes of Black Asiaphiles at BAH. The YW admin and mods are watching closely, and it's kind of funny, because I'm sure there are things that electroman is saying that doesn't sit too well with them either. He's not pulling any punches, which includes dissing YW when he feels they have it coming. So, if you want to watch the carnage, check out the thread I linked. Or you can see electroman's blog where I'm sure a blog entry will appear shortly dealing with his perspectives on the whole thing. Personally, I think YW has a decent policy when it comes to Black Asiaphiles, which if anything is too lax. There is no overt anti-black hatred and certainly no black members get banned just for being non-Asian. Personally, I don't think YW needs to always be about Asian issues, so I would welcome non-Asian members who want to join the community, but I draw the line at sexual harassment and generally trollish behaviour. The Asiaphile who thinks there's absolutely nothing wrong with commodifying and appropriating my culture can go fuck themselves, because there's no damn way that this enlightened Asian girl is going to help beat them off with my tiny yellow hands. Interracial cross-cultural harmony is a load of crock if the load you're talking about is really the gob of white spunk you're looking to shoot in a slanted brown eye. As far as I'm concerned, it's not racism if they really ARE all breaking the rules.


Blogger phillyjay said...

Damn.Didn't know you could have all this drama on the internet lol.Eh, that's life I guess.The KB guy does sound like he's going WAAAAAAAAAAY overboard, especially giving a bit by bit opinion on a bunch of memebers on another board.Seem weird freakish to me.I have to admit it is humorous reading all the respones on the black tokyo forum.

As for black asians relations.In my personal opinion it seems like the two communities as a whole (not indivisually) really are at extreme odds at each other in practially everything.Considering both groups history in america, and the fact that both groups have next to nothing in common with each other (besides being a minority in america) and nothing in common when it comes to culture, I'm not surprised.It won't be a big concern for either group untill something big happens again like the LA riots.Only then will people want to talk because they're forced to.

1/28/2005 05:52:00 PM  
Blogger phillyjay said...

One last thing:

"Kurobishounen to tomodachi wa baka desu yo!"

What the hell does that mean?

1/28/2005 05:54:00 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

lol. "Kurobishounen to tomodatchi wa baka desu you" means, in Japanese (and for all you native Japanese speakers pardon my grammar, it's been three years since I took those classes), "Kurobishounen (or black, hot, sexy young man) and his friends are dumb, stupid fools!". Or something to that effect. Depending on context, 'baka' can range from 'stupid' to 'braindead motherfucker'. Choose the harshest translation and apply that, and you'll get a sense of how I feel.

Yeah, the drama is annoying. But at this point, the more annoying thing is Asiaphiles who just want to justify their commodification of another culture. Hell, one guy on the thread has even come out and said that they are a better expert on Asians and the APIA experience than Asian Americans are...

1/29/2005 08:29:00 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Incidentally, mad props, philly for actually reading through that whole thread on BAH. I haven't even found the time or patience to do that.

1/29/2005 08:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you haven't noticed, there are very few women at all on Black Tokyo forum. A few of the men
are not only guilty of objectifying Asian women but in reality have very little respect for women at all. Some of the former posts about Black women were frankly awful, so it is no surprise that few women join. There are Black women in Japan, and a few of us are married to Japanese men. But, according to the unwritten rules of Black Tokyo, Black men who date Asian women have 'asian preference' but Black Women who date Asian man are 'sell-outs' or 'desperate whores' to mention a few of the nicer things I've been called, usually via PM or emails.

1/30/2005 03:24:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"it's not hard to be a smarty-pants when talking with a complete asshat."

I love you. Hard.

I'm right there with you on this rant. You and me, Jenn, we're right. Here. *makes one the level hand gesture above eyes*


2/01/2005 03:09:00 PM  
Blogger phillyjay said...

They're still going at it.....last time I read it they went up to 12 pages.Now they are on page 20.This is just sad.

2/01/2005 07:48:00 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Apparently something so awful was said about me in that thread that my eyeballs would implode if I read it.

It's just shameful what some webmasters will allow on their forums. What a sorry nest of negativity...

2/02/2005 12:41:00 AM  
Blogger skymaxx said...

I understand exactly what you're saying about BAH (blacktokyo).it should also be obvious to anybody that's wasted their time over there that a good 20 of their members are manifestations of blackthanblack including his current incarnation ramen gets funny to watch them type over there but you must becareful not to talk with them.a mistake jameslamb made. is nothing but a bunch of mentally displaced,imbalanced know it all's funny how they cry about not having japanese female posters (except the ones blacka/kimba/kamon/ke/or whoever he is makes up)

the bad thing is: if one looks at BAH (bt),one WILL get the wrong idea about Blacks in the orient.
but don't let those goons and idiots bother you.they're nowhere NEAR worth your time and stress.

7/18/2005 06:59:00 PM  
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