Thursday, December 23, 2004

Screw Irving Berlin

'I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas', my ass. Who'd want to dream about a blizzard during a much-needed vacation? Do you know what white christmases are? They equal christmases when you strain every muscle in your body to shovel the ridiculously over-long driveway with a tiny little shovel usually used for digging big holes in the dirt of your backyard. It's a holiday, Irving, why would you want to mess it up by dreaming about back-breaking manual labour?!? Yeah, so guess what I did today? My left hand looks like hell: my last two knuckles are scraped and healing after I tripped on the bus and fell flat on my face. My index finger is swollen where I impaled myself with my cross-stitch needle, and now I have a giant callous on my left thumb. And, like a ten year old boy, I feel this is the kind of news one shares. I wish I had a digi-cam... I would post pictures. :) Bah, humbug. And people wonder why I'm being all scrooge-y this year. Oooooh, and we're gonna go pick up my dad at the airport at 6-ish today. How fun!! (Rush hour traffic and inclement weather and stupid holiday travellers, oh my!) (Oh, and ... everyone, go wish Wizard a happy birthday! Leave a message on his blog! I don't care if you don't know him... do it, dammit!!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm having a rainy holiday season in Virginia. It's really cute. Today, I had the pleasure of moving boxes and other random crap for my mom.

I think parents are designed to annoy the shit out of you as a testament to their love for you. And if you understand that last comment, you probably have kids.

I'm just glad it's not snowing here. I'm sick enough as it is.


12/23/2004 05:56:00 PM  
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