Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Roadtrip, Interrupted

Aaargh. So, for those of you who don't speak to me on IM, I did in fact decide to return home for the holidays -- a brief trip lasting from the 22nd to the 26th. As I type this, I am sitting at my mother's really nice Sony Vaio, with the craptastic Chinese version of Windows XP that I can use only because of my knack for visual memory and a vague recollection of the screens as I saw them in English on my own computer. Otherwise, I navigate only by trial and error, using the single-letter key shortcuts as to clues to what each menu item leads to. But I digress. So, S (Bossman's newest grad student, and a recent emigre from the harsh Canadian winters) and her fiancee, A, were headed back up to Toronto for the holidays. They offered me a ride should I so choose, and at the time I had inquired about where they were headed and where they could drop me off (all the way home to northern Ontario, and yes). This week, after discovering the last minute familial obligations, asked S for a ride and she agreed. Not so good with ironing out the kinks, we decided even more last minute that I would wait for her at 8am at the lab this morning, where she would pick me up. They wanted to leave Ithaca by 8am, and be in Toronto by 4pm. However, there was a slight obstacle -- S and A wanted to take a short detour, on the way to Toronto, by way of Kingston/Waterloo, which if you check a map, is about an hour west of Toronto. How that was 'on the way' is beyond me. But anyways, since they were doing me a favour, I didn't much mind. Somehow, though we went through the border at 12:00pm, today (making great time) we didn't actually get into Kingston/Waterloo until 4:00pm. I have no idea how that happened, since I was dozing for most of the time. Then we had lunch. Then we went to Value Village. Then they dropped the sister off and started on the trek to Toronto. By now we were hitting rush-hour traffic, and it was so evil today. We spent the next hour from 5pm to 6pm getting from Kingston/Waterloo to Toronto. Then, from 6pm to about 7:30pm, we travelled roughly 10km or so to get from Toronto west to Toronto sorta-less-west, where, by that point, S, frustrated that I had 'taken her so far out of her way', wanted to just drop me off by the side of the road or something. Okay, maybe not so severe, but she basically wanted to know why I couldn't catch a bus from that point. Nevermind that we're on the fucking 401, and A refuses to get into a lane where we could actually exit if we so desired, and never mind that the subway just doesn't extent that far west. Never mind that I couldn't just fucking hail a cab. Well, anyways, long story short, after some more trudging, we made it as far as Leslie and Sheppherd, where I said goodbye and decided to take a subway and a cab the rest of the way home. Okay, I admit: they were doing me a favour. For that, I apologize profusely. But, come on! They never told me that the place they were going to was actually west of Toronto, or that they weren't planning on taking the smarter route to Toronto from Niagara Falls which involves entering Toronto from the lakefront. Never mind that I had decided to try and get off the car by about 6:45pm and A ho-hummed his way on the 401 so that we couldn't actually let me go until half an hour later. And to top it all off, S blames me. I spent just as much money as a Greyhound getting here, and spent more time letting my ass take root than I would've on a bus. Forget it... I am never bumming a ride to Toronto, again. So, everyone, wish me luck as I plunge headfirst into the unknown wilderness that is ... (duh! duh! duh!) The Obligatory Holiday Familial Visit (tm) -- survival rate 26 1/3%.


Blogger phillyjay said...

Good luck.I have some family coming over but
we never have any drama thankfully :)

12/23/2004 12:28:00 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

Thanks, sweetie :)

12/23/2004 03:21:00 PM  
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