Saturday, December 25, 2004

I Need to Get the Hell Outta Here...

Yeah, okay, so the holiday magic is over. Not like I ever had it, but it is really time for me to go home now. I just witnessed the most supreme display of immaturity ever before seen from a pair of sixty year olds. My dad's all obsessed with giving things, and this morning, like a kid in a candy store, he woke us all up bright and early so we could retrieve the presents he had brought back from under the Christmas tree. Then, I made lunch, and my sister went off to her bf's place. Afterwards, my mom, decided, like a nine-year-old who has learned she can curl her tongue, to show off her Beijing opera singing. Okay, remember Klingon opera? I'm sure it was based off of Beijing opera -- to the vast majority of the world, it doesn't sound like anything more than shrill caterwauling. I'm willing to play audience for awhile, but my mom just keeps on finding new songs to sing. She finishes one, we praise her, then she's like... "let me sing this one!" On and on until her voice breaks, and then my dad's like "why don't you take a rest?" ... so she slams her book shut, says "I'm going to take a nap", and sorta stomps off to go to sleep in her study. I so need to get out of here. Not to mention that I stumbled upon the supreme discovery that my mom and my dad have now gone to sleeping in separate rooms (apparently they did so last night). Why? I have no idea, maybe it's a good thing, but sure shocked the shit outta me to find out my mom would rather pull three cushions off the couch and sleep on that than sleep in the master bedroom. Maybe it's an old couple rite of passage? Like menopause but for couples? I don't get it, but I know for sure that I don't want it. That is something I simply refuse to resign myself to when I'm old.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey. I hear you. My parents decided to both cook rolls, and not tell the other person. It was a mess. Over dinner rolls. Dinner rolls!

Try not to the parents bother you. Last night, when I couldn't handle the back and forth sniping around here, I just jumped in the rental and drove around. I found Frank White, and even re-acquainted him with an ex. They seem to be a good match, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. It's a whole Black Bohemian thing between those two, and I was the matchmaker Kris Kringle. Holiday spirit, straight outa Black Tail Magazine.

Anyway, get out of the house! Just steal your sister's car and drive! It makes everything a whole lot more bearable. (And call me when you do!)

-Paul Sebastian

12/25/2004 04:33:00 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

dinner rolls? lord have mercy. you know you owe me that story, right?

I have more: my dad is totally condescending to my mom, and my mom did some more frantic pouting. it's like romper room and i'm the only adult in the house. bah.

on the up side, the pocket pc works! it works! it's so friggin' cool, it's ridiculous.

12/25/2004 06:43:00 PM  
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