Thursday, December 23, 2004

And the Holidays Just Keep on Givin'...

6pm and we were out the door, off to pick up my dad. And then there was traffic. My sister was driving, I was zoning out in the passenger seat (the MP3 player is my new God. A battery suck, but there is no better way to tune out reality than a little Mike Jackson in an earpiece, as we shall later see), and my mom was in the backseat doing her best to try and reach the steering wheel and pedals from behind my sister's head. We got to the airport, parked, and then made our way into the terminal, where my mom promptly turned finding a spot to wait for the arriving passengers into a fiasco. She was incredibly indecisive, certain that if we didn't see him when he stepped three feet out of that 'do -not-enter' sliding door that leads from the baggage claim areas, he would be lost forever in the depths of Pearson airport, probably to be eaten by trolls or al Qaeda terrorists. So, after switching our positions three times, we wormed our way to the very front barricade, where my mom began to read her Chinese newspaper. I turned my MP3 player waaaaay up and began reading papers for the intron/exon research I'm doing for Bryan (I'm a little work-a-holic over here). My sister stood around doing nothing. Things remained this way for roughly two hours (how does my sister do it?). Then at 8:30-ish, apparently my mom got paged to go to the American Airlines baggage claim. I say 'apparently' because I didn't hear it. I was so busy groovin' to Bubba Sparxx that I missed most of the message, so I turned questioningly to my mom, mostly because I had noticed that she had tensed up and was listening... by the time I pulled the ear pieces out I caught the words 'baggage office' and that's about it. My mom basically had a minor anxiety attack at that point. Apparently the pressure of both me and my sister looking at her was too much, because she didn't know what to do. My sister and I quickly took over and told her we had to go find the baggage office. I got frustated because my mom essentially started panicking and when I found the office, there was no one in it. So I told her this, and my mom, when she doesn't understand, yells 'Aaaaahhh??' really shrilly, which was a little too much at that point. I rolled my eyes, and my mom pouted. I told my sister to wait with my mom at the office while I went upstairs to the ticket counter to find an American Airlines official. I found a mechanic, but by the time I made it back downstairs, a person had already shown up, and given us the message that my dad had been bumped off the flight and would be coming in tomorrow. Fun, fun, fun. So we went back in the car and drove home. My mom is more anxious then ever, and starts doing ever more severe backseat driving which ticked my sister off, though she kept it under wraps a little better than I did. Still, I'm a little pissed that she essentially blew everyone off by immediately running off again to spend more time with her boyfriend. Okay, I come home yesterday and she's at a holiday party. I wake up this morning and she's going off to shop with him. Now, she comes home and isn't home more than two minutes before she runs off to his house. Is that just a little bit annoyingly excessive to anyone else? Hoo boy, do I have a dysfunctional family.


Blogger phillyjay said...

Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah to you :)

12/25/2004 01:06:00 PM  
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